ד"ר ברנרד דהן וד"ר מחמוד יונס משתפים בפרוטוקול החדשני המשלב לייזר ואמדוגיין



FOLLOW UP after 9 years - By Dr. Mahmod Younis & Dr. Bernard Dahan 



Summer 2011, a 16 years teenager consulted our office with her mother,complaining of bleeding on brushing...

Although our experience, it's always a dramatic situation for us to explain  to a young girl she's gonna loose some teeth.

After she accepted our treatment plan, we proceeded  to three Periodontal Regenerative Surgeries in the areas 16, 36 and 46.

With always the SAME PROTOCOL :

- Periostal Flap Releasing

- Debridment of the defect

- Root Planing and conditioning

(These last years we complete it with Erbium YAG Laser Irradiation)

- Amelogenin (Emdogain) application

- Αllograft Bone substitute ( Lifenet)

-Collagene membrane (if necessary with non sustained defects)


The hopeless tooth #26 ( Trifurcation Involvment and mobility) has been removed and after socket preservation (Lifenet and Collagen membrane),

 a dental implant has been inserted.

Nine years later, Summer 2020, this young adult (she's not a young girl anymore), visited us  for a checking with new Xrays.

No pocket depth (3-4 mm), no Bleeding on Probing and the wonderful Xray images  showing the bone re-organisation in all the defects